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Review of Handmade Burger Co. - Intu Metrocentre

Handmade Burger Co.’s “Chilli burger” With chips (Intu Metro centre, Gateshead)
Overall Taste: Inches from Greatness Patty: A hearty bite Bun: A tasty cloud of joy Extras: The goody bag Overall Look: Food + Plate+
Situating themselves in the Metro centre, the taxi ride to Handmade Burger Co. was something of an annoyance for The Baron; it’s fair to say if this burger stop flopped like Coast to Coast did on The Barons last visit, chips would be hitting the fan!

To The Barons delight this burger was a complete maverick; tackling all areas of burger competency like a majestic dragon. The chilli burger had a fiery kick, the patty held strong between the clutches of The Barons large industrious hands; the chilli burger even offered a crunch, like no burger had before.

Zingy crunch An instant rush of spice tickled my tongue as I wrapped my lips around this deliciously crunchy chilli burger. A magnitude of zing from the choir of onion, jalapeƱo and herbs touched my taste-buds in ways they’d nev…

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